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Long Island Elder Lawyer

Elder Lawyer Long Island

Long Island Elder Lawyer

A Long Island Elder Lawyer is a professional in Elder Law. Specializing in areas and legal issues affecting senior citizens as well as people with disabilities, the Long Island Elder Lawyer helps clients in Long Island navigate through the difficulties that come with these situations. It is recommended that the elderly and those with special needs and disabilities, seek the legal counsel of an Elder Lawyer when they face challenges ranging from

Planning for a long-term care,

Applying for Medicare/Medicaid benefits from the government,

Estate planning,

Creating of Wills and Trust,

Insurance policies,

as well as so many other issues that arise with age. Highly empathetic and considerate, they protect the interest of their clients and ensure they maintain a good health status and standard of living.

Why do I need a Long Island Elder Lawyer?

As an elderly person residing in Long Island or having a spouse or family member with a disability, taking matters into your hands and attempting to help yourself or that loved one all by yourself likely would cost you greatly in the long run. Cheap as it may seem, applying for Medicare or signing your estate documents all by yourself without the legal guidance of a Long Island Elder Lawyer will likely result in fatal mistakes. What is the reason for this?

Despite Elder Law being a federal aspect of the constitution, this same law is affected by the individual State Laws of each state. The laws of a particular state dictates what formalities and protocols are to be followed in applying for these benefits such as Medicaid, retirement pension, etc. Therefore, it is a wise investment to consider putting these legal matters in the hand of the Elder Law professional in Long Island who is highly knowledgeable in the State Laws of this part of the country.

You should consider contacting and hiring a Long Island Elder Lawyer if you fall into one or more of this category:

You have no close family to care for you when you become incapacitated;

You have a close relative or loved one who has special needs, getting old or has become incapacitated;

you have an estate in one or more places and needing estate planning supervision;

Own a company or any business enterprise with substantial assets;

Considering donating your assets to charity at the event of your death;

Thinking about creating a Will or Trust, etc.

These and a wide range of other issues not mentioned here, are peculiar areas where the Long Island Elder Lawyer will offer you competent service:

Guadianship –

The Long Island Elder Lawyer has power of attorney to offer you advice and recommendations in choosing a legal guardian. This is important when you as a senior citizen or disabled, has no close or trustworthy relative to cater for your needs.

Estate planning –

As you age, there is need to settle your estate and sign documents as regards who would take charge of your properties and assets when you become incapacitated.

Creating of wills and trust –

A Long Island Elder Lawyer, with vast knowledge in this area, would guide you in drafting your Will and Trusts.

Medicare –

This provision is made available by the government for the purpose of providing senior citizens with good health care and standard of living. But are you qualified for this benefit? The Long Island Elder Lawyer would help you in the procedural application.

Medicaid –

This is for low-income earners and those with disabilities. There are requirements which the Elder Lawyer will help you meet.

Long-term care –

Finding a nursing home for long-term care often times is not as easy as it seems. Do not hesitate to contact an Elder Lawyer.

Other areas where you need a Long Island Elder Lawyer include: financial power of attorney, Elder discrimination, fraud and ill-treatment, grandparents visitation rights, etc.

Hurry now and contact a Long Island Elder Lawyer today!

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